I’m ever so slowly getting the rest of this amazing trip recorded. It completely shocked me to realize that the last post was…gulp…a year ago. I don’t know what happens to my time. Check out part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 7, and part 8.

So, we’d had dinner in Al Shabq and made our way into Petra where we checked into a hotel that was perched on the side of a mountain and had the most spectacular views of the city.IMG_2374

After an early breakfast, we headed into Petra, which was AMAZING. I really can only photo dump because words will not do it justice.

It’s about 2km from the visitor’s center trail head and down through the Siq. The Siq is incredible as you can see below.

The Siq is an opening between cliffs that winds for about 1.2km back into the mountain range that is the city carved of stone. Long, long ago, camels and other pack animals wound through the Siq – which means market – laden with goods.

In those days, this narrow passage would have been lined with vendors selling their wares. The entire passage has rather wide grooves through which water for the city ran from reservoirs just at the beginning of the Siq.

Of course, there were those who found it easier to just perch above their market place so there are steps up onto higher vistas all along the way.

The Siq is a wonder, but then you wind through the rock and are greeted by:


Indian Jones? It really is a most awesome sight. Now we were in Petra for certain and we were amazed to see how extensive the grounds are.

Everywhere we went there were people offering various things for sale. There was the wi-fi enabled donkey (not really, but it did get me to stop and listen to the pitch) and other unbelievable advertisements. We eventually let the kids have a ride because I just love negotiating.

The amount of engineering that went into the place blew my mind.

There is a Byzantine church ruin on the site as well. I LOVE seeing these ancient churches that are built in the same pattern of my own, beloved parish.

We spent hours poking around, climbing up, hiking around, and, of course, arguing about who sits in the forward position on the camel. It was a great day!

After leaving Petra, we drove up the King’s highway to Amman where our adventures were to continue as we crossed into Israel.


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