Glory to Jesus Christ! This page is supposed to tell you about me. Mostly, I think you can figure that out by reading the blog. But, I suppose I should share a few data points here, not in order of importance, but in order of contextual relevance: 1. I’m a litigation attorney with a high case load, hence the sporadic posting, 2. I have three kids here on earth and one little saint in heaven, 3. My first child was a little girl who was lost to a SIDS event; her name is Susanna and you may ask her to intercede for you, 4. My husband and I were on again/off again high school sweethearts, 5. I’m a cradle Catholic, but my husband and I moved east to the Ruthenian Rite a while ago, and 6. My husband is a convert. I love my kids, hubby, and the great state of New Mexico. I’ll listen to any music. I’ll try almost anything once, but only after a careful risk evaluation. I like black coffee, dark chocolate, Oxford commas, serif fonts, and smoky highland scotch.

Little Susanna Hope at 2 months.


 St. Susanna, pray for us!


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