SQT – Staycation Aspirations

Oh, hello Seven Quick Takes, it’s only been a year or so since the last time I joined in Friday Fun with Kelly.


School’s almost back in!!!!! Errrmergerhd Erm So Errxcited. (Showing my age a bit.) I really am. Summer is always such a…chore. I thrive on order and routine. Summer is very disorderly and lacks routine, so I’m totally over it by August. Since I didn’t leave the country this year, I have enough vacation to take a staycation with the kids for the final week of summer…which means that today is:
praising-squirrel-1-workday-til-staycationSo, seven staycation aspirations? Are you in?

  1. I’m kind of a workaholic and won’t actually not work at all for a week. It’s just not in the nature of my person or my job. I already have one very early deposition on Monday morning that I’m telling myself is okay because it’ll be over before the kids even wake up for the day. And on Tuesday I’m going to move a bunch of settlements through a rolling docket. However, I expect to be finished fairly early. That means I can set the goal of no email for half of Tuesday, all of Wednesday and a good deal of Friday? This is cheating, right? Fine. Let’s set the goal of no checking work email until after 2pm Monday-Friday. Yes! I can do this! No phone calls either! ¡Si, Se Puede!
    Microsoft Word - Document1
  2. Day tripper, one way ticket, yeah! We’ve never been out to the Quarai Ruins. We love ruins and audiobooks, so I think this will be a great day trip for us. We’ll take a picnic and then find some little cafe/road stand to supplement our lunch.Unknown
  3. Making apple butter/pie filling. My boss has an apple tree that is dying and he’s looking to unload some apples post haste. This weekend just happens to be the Feast of the Transfiguration, so we can get our free apples blessed and then put them up together.

    21, Modern 1, Icon of Transfiguration, by Alexander Ainetdinov
    Icon of the Transfiguration – You can’t see it, but I’m pretty sure Elijah (on Jesus’ left) has a box of apple butter. #liturgicalliving
  4. Just keep swimming. My kids love to swim and I like it pretty well, too. We’ll hit up some pool, somewhere, someday…this coming week.

    I’m simultaneously grossing myself out and cracking myself up.
  5. Museum and Coffee Day. I was downtown this week and was surprised to find a museum I’d never heard of: The Telephone Museum. I think we’ll hit up that one and a couple of the on-campus museums that are FREE! Then we’ll go get espresso at one of my favorite cafes.
  6. Movies and Food Downtown. Our city has some really great summertime activities. We’ve missed all the Shakespeare plays, but we can still catch The Little Mermaid, live music, and terrific food trucks. We’ll hit this up for sure.

    Me, after a week of staycation. Did you know that doing nothing leads to a trim waistline? Srsly.
  7. Did I mention I’m a workaholic? Instead of thinking up another fun thing to do, I’ll make this one a chore. We have to finish the summer math/reading projects and buy a couple of backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil pouches, water bottles, and one belt. The kids will hate it, but I’ll be able to check things off my to do list.

Come at me, people. What do you do on staycation?


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