Hello Dubai

We said goodbye to Bahrain and got on a short flight to Abu Dhabi.IMG_2083

There we bought duty-free booze and thought about waiting for a bus transfer to Dubai. Instead, we decided to hire a driver to take us, sparing us a two-hour wait in the airport. The driver brought us to our rented apartment. (To promote maximum tourist spending, Dubai has a rule that there can be no more than two people in a hotel room no matter the age. So, we used AirBNB to rent an apartment for the weekend.)

We were on the 70th floor in a building near the marina. The view was incredible!

We were actually in the second tallest residential building in the world. The swimming pool is on the 5th floor. We were there over the weekend, otherwise known as Thursday-Saturday. We heard all  the action Friday night and it was amazing that club music could be that loud even though we were that high up.

On Saturday, the kids and men went to the aquarium for a ray-feeding experience. They had a ton of fun. We girls went to a spa where we got a two hour massage. It was The. Best. The. End. Zzzzzzzz.

The Aquarium behind us and the well-rested smiles of women who slept through 2 hour massages.

That night we went to the Dubai Mall where the kids bought their own Lego people.

Lego Camel


Custom Mini-figs
“Sad Farmer” and “Rosie” – I’ll bet my mom can guess who made “Sad Farmer”


We also saw the amazing sights and sounds of Dubai at night.

On Sunday we went to the beach and I took zero pictures and my husband lost all of the ones on his phone. We also went to mass where it was standing room only…outside of the church.


It was very humbling to see the lengths people go to to attend mass.

That evening the boys all went to the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa while we girls stayed home to pack and get some sleep before our early morning departure to Jordan.

After a good night’s rest in our super sweet apartment, it was off to the airport for drama and a trip to the Holy Land.

Goodbye, Dubai!

To be continued…

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