7QT – USA to Bahrain to Dubai


I’m on a roll…third QTs in as many weeks. Join Kelly for more.

1. We traveled and traveled and we got to Bahrain. We were so happy to see my sister. We always miss her. Bahrain turns out to be full of people doing people-y things…just like all the other people doing their thing all over the planet.

Harry Potter and To Kill a Mocking Bird at a Bahraini coffee shop full of hip college-aged kids.

2. We saw some really cool things here including an old “fort” that is actually built on a “tell” that houses layers of civilization dating back to 2000B.C.

3. The architecture in Bahrain is really incredible. We saw all kinds of cool buildings, but what struck me was the continuity to centuries past.

4. We have had a ton of fun riding around on the canals in the neighbor’s kayaks and my sister’s paddle board. We may or may not have turned every single outing into a game of bumper boats. Here I am about to be t-boned.74986_10207997998924392_2425103929827205883_n5. We also visited the Grand Mosque and had a most interesting time. The tour guide was passionate about sharing his faith and I learned a lot.

6. We visited what turned out to be a camel dairy. Over 500 camels are kept for the King’s personal use and he uses them to produce camel milk for the royal family.

7. We are off to Dubai in few hours so I should get a move on. The adventures will continue with additional photo dumps. Hi, Mom!

Check out parts onethreefourfivesixseven, and eight.


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