7QT – Dragons and Business Cards

Stretch. Yawn. Jog in place. I’m getting back into swing of this blog. Before I QT you, I do want to mention that I have five parts documenting our trip to the Middle East posted hereherehere, here, and here. I’m hoping to post about the Dead Sea and Baptism Site of Jesus this week. We’ll see.

Be sure to join Kelly for more Friday fun.

  1. This week was the annual conference for my specialty area and I got the bright idea to present at the conference so I could go for free. This also means that I got bonus CEU hours for “prep time.” I always feel like such a temples-less-sunglass-wearing boss when I get stuff for free. 40529651
  2. There are a bunch of vendors that come to the conference and give away More. Free. Stuff. I shamelessly take their bags and load up on free crap to bring home to my kids who also love free stuff. And this year the theme is “Renaissance Faire” so the free stuff includes swords and dragons. Direct quote, “Mom, you did so good this year!”
  3. Because my kids are weird, they also look forward to the yearly tape measure and pedometer. I didn’t get home until after 9pm last night and they went nuts running around the house to see who could accumulate the most steps. They stopped only to measure themselves. Oh, kids, just wait until I bring home sticky notes today.
  4. My presentation went pretty well. I made a Prezi. I was writing a rental contract for a college kid the other day who made merciless fun of me for using Prezi. Since I’d been feeling pretty boss about my Prezi up to that moment, the ensuing shame of realizing that I was just Gramppa Simpson hit me hard.4e246e9592bb24c4a99b1033c0891ee1
  5. I decided I didn’t care and presented my Prezi anyway and everyone loved it. Take that, jobless college kid. My Prezi WAS awesome and here’s a screen shot to prove it. You travel through the dark forest avoiding scary places in the law. I even included punny slide titles such as “Howell do you do it?” (Howell being the name of a case.) Admit that you are super jealous of how cool I am.Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.22.25 AM
  6. School’s out for summer! Yippee!!!!!
  7. Today is another conference day. I have company coming into town this weekend. There’s a rugby tournament for the boys on Saturday. I’m cantoring on Saturday night. And I have to prepare for trial on Monday. It’ll be fun. Party on, celebratory people




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