{7QT} Back to School

  1. The kids are back to school. Just yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I get so tired of summer. It is awful. It is long. It is unscheduled. It is expensive. Technically, I guess school is more expensive, but whatever. I’ll live the in world I want.
  2. 13880239_10209264457825073_1393963314043087403_n
    They’re such dears to pose nicely for mommy on the first day back. Catch you later, suckers. 
  3. One of my assistants is cutting her hours. I feel like this. #nothappy #ineedyouatalltimesoffice
  4. I did a load of laundry every day this week and it was awesome. I may have found the newest temporary solution to my laundry woes.
  5. I also made my kids do dinner one night and my husband do dinner another night. Color me responsible for only 5 dinners a week.
  6. I went golfing today and am “not afraid of hitting the ground.” This is a nice way of saying that I golf like Happy Gilmore.


  7. In other words, I need some practice.

Pax out, party people. Have a happy Saturday and join Kelly for more better QTs.




One thought on “{7QT} Back to School

  1. Haha! I’m ready for school too. Schedule. Routine. New pencils–at least until the kids bite off the erasers.


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