7QT – Liturgical Burpees and Walking on Water


It’s my one-week 7QT anniversary! It’s very late at night so let’s get right to it.

  1. I got my hair cut. Oh yes, this is a big deal. Were I proficient in posting pictures not hypersensitive about internet privacy, I would share my new ‘do. (Call me Apple.) Anywho, I chopped it up to my chin for maximum ease on our trip.
  2. My chickens are laying eggs again! My chickens went through a ridiculously hard molt for about 6 months and ceased laying altogether. I threatened execution and the kids rebelled. It was gearing up to be a show-down like the OK Corral. However, the old girls are back to an egg a day and the execution has been stayed indefinitely…or until the next time they start slacking.
  3. Quandary: Is it breaking the fast to not eat dairy or meat, but to eat sweet things? I’ve been pondering this (while stuffing my face with a late afternoon sugar fix). I feel like I am lacking in virtue, but my low blood sugar says, “Screw it.” Such penance. I am definite role model.
  4. Thursday night was the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. This saint wrote a 4hour long matins service that includes something like 300 prostrations. About 60 pages into the service I realized why I love being Byzantine…it’s like Catholic CrossFit. Prostrations are really just liturgical burpees. A surge of pride rolled through me as I thought, “I’ll beat all you fools at these burpees!” I began doing burpees prostrations as fast reverently as I could. This, ladies and gents, is the story of me: I can turn anything into a competition.
  5. I have company in town this week for my cousin’s baby shower. It’s always The. Best. to see my familia.
  6. My daughter has eczema, so we are very familiar with steroid creams in our household. Years ago, her little baby lisp called it, “Hydrocortiscream.” This became so ingrained in our family that it is not unusual for me to hear my big boy or husband ask for an application of hydrocortiscream.
  7. When we do travel, my family will be staying a night at a resort by the Dead Sea. My ten-year-old confidently told me today that he plans to test walking on water during our stay. Now I understand why he’s taken St. Peter as his patron for this trip.

Happy Friday, party people. Head over to Kelly’s for more.


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