Guest Blogger – 4 Reasons Why

I assigned my son an essay on obedience because I read a parenting blog. What follows is his response. I’m not really sure that this is what the parenting expert had in mind…

4 Reasons Why: Why I Should Obey My Mother

By The Scholar

This new entry in Four Reasons Why features why you should obey mother. The first reason is that she’s the one who is married to your father and she will use him as a weapon against you. The second reason is she is the one who brought you to this world and you should respect her. The third reason is mothers are like cats, they will shed very few tears over your punishment and if you hate the punishment she will use it as her first resort. Fourth reason, she knows every embarrassing thing that has happened to you and she will share it.

The first reason is that she will use your father against you. What this means is that your father doesn’t know what to do nine out of ten times and when he hears, “Brook!” he awaits orders and those orders consist mostly of, “ Beat that child!” Second reason is  you should respect her. Your mother gave birth to you (and may I note with much pain did she do this,) and she feels that she should have a nice, respectful child. The third reason is that she will not only laugh at you while you hopelessly perform burpies she will use them more often. Fourth reason is that she will share every embarrassing thing that happened to you during her women’s book club. My mother personally does this every time I’ve been a bad boy, she always has a new, humiliating story to share. If you like this blog, try some other 4 Reasons Why.

He hasn’t written any more 4 Reasons Why, but I’ll post them if he does.



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