Seven Quick Takes – International Travel, Vegan Breakfast, and Border Crossings


My first 7QT!

  1. The. Entire. Family. is traveling to the middle east soon because I chronically choose difficulty – expert for my first attempts at things. First time overseas? Let’s go to the middle east with three kids and not use a travel agent.
  2. I got real ambitious and was going to try to cross a land border between Israel and Jordan on the same day as our flight out of Jordan…but this has caused such anxiety that I am going to nix that idea in favor of the more sane idea – crossing the border on Sabbath. What could go wrong?
  3. I’ve been working crazy hours lately in preparation for this trip. I’m tired to the point of wanting to punch my computer screen. Today I have to do billing for the past two weeks and gently remind my assistants that I really, really, really need them to stay on top of my calendar and prepping me for various appearances. There was a cluster yesterday that left me…perturbed in mind and soul.
  4. I emailed the kids’ teachers asking for assignments ahead of our travels. The response was less than satisfactory. “I’m sorry. I don’t have those plans yet.” What? When I was teaching, we were required to have plans a month in advance. I’m asking for two weeks of lessons one week in advance. Kids these days.
  5. My youngest kids are making breakfast this morning. The menu is toast, blueberries, and eggs. They wisely started with the toast so that they would be able to focus on the eggs. They’ve been at hard work for almost half an hour and they are just getting ready to start cooking the eggs. This is totes adorbs.
  6. The schedule has been relelentless lately. Tomorrow I’m cantoring an All Souls liturgy, we have a soccer game, two rugby games, I’m running a practice for the St. Andrew liturgy on Thursday, and then I’m cantoring vespers and the Saturday night liturgy.
  7. Well, the kids have informed me that breakfast is finished except eggs…would I help them by finishing the eggs? Such cuties.

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