Hello muddy world!

Hi, I’m me and you are you and here we are in my mud world.

So, who am I? I am Evie. I am married to a pretty nerdy guy who I met in high school. I’m pretty nerdy myself so we get along just fine and have for the last long time. We have four kids – three here on earth and one little girl who died of SIDS early in her infancy. I am a professional, or at least that’s what my business card says. I used to play the piano a lot. I’ve always been opinionated and I love me some interwebs. I am of the Oregon Trail generation, which makes me perfect for being late to the blogging game.

What is this blog about? Oh, I don’t know. I just think things and then I want to say them and then I run out of people who will listen and then I abuse my Facebook feed. I finally decided to start a blog so y’all can choose when to listen to me…ya know, if you decide to listen at all. I have worked in the pro-life movement over the years and I’m starting this blog in the heat of thoughts regarding these videos. I also really love theology and law. I’m also terrible about documenting my kids’ childhoods, so this might be a space for some of that as well. I am sure you are thrilled. Woot, another blog without a purpose.

What is with the name? The naming of this blog will be addressed in a different post. Hahahaha, cliff hanger.



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